About Unani

Nature has blessed India with a vast variety of herbal and medicinal plants and shrubs that grow in its different climatic regions from the frozen Himalayas. From times this immemorial rich beauty has been used in preparing herbal medicine to cure various diseases and to promote a great repository of this knowledge, organized in the from of Unani system of medicine. Unani was derived from the word. “IONIAN” which indicates it origin to Greece. “TIBB” means medicine. Hence, the Unani Tibb-a system of medicine is an age old time tested system.

For ages, Unani system of medicine enjoys worldwide recognition. As the name suggests, this system was originated in Greece (Unaan) where the knowledge of almost all branches (including medicine) was at its zenith during the historic period witnessed by many genius personalities and scholars. It reached India in 12th century via Rome, Arab and Iran. Today, Unani system of treatment has became part and parcel of Indian temperament. It is not only a live system of medicine but also engaged in the services of public health with full devotion. It was not only presumed but also propagated under a planned conspiracy from the platform of modern medicine that Unani system of medicine is unscientific. This act of underestimation was continued for a long time.

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